Trolling for Reviews

Looking over this blog I notice that I spend a lot of my time reviewing. I’ve talked about comics, tv, movies. Heck, my podcast, Comics League International is basically a review show. Plus it is highly entertaining. (I think. There aren’t that many reviews to be honest.) I like reviewing materials. I like giving my … More Trolling for Reviews

Smythe Carradam

“Look me in the eyes and tell me that you have never heard of Smythe Carradam.” “I swears it to you, I ain’t never heard the name.” The old man looked at the thing at the end of his fists. It was sobbing and crying and smelled like a puddle of piss. It wasn’t a … More Smythe Carradam

Penance Rock

The actual name of the outpost was Valiant Rock. It was named to instill the feelings of bravery that men would need to embody their position as the farthest point of the thin line that had once separated civilization from the monsters of the world. It lay in the peaks of the Iron Mountains that … More Penance Rock