Oh my Goodness! The Book Exists!

Art by Rika Touma
Art by Rika Touma

i have been talking about this novel for goodness knows how long! And now it is out there. Out there in the world. Wow. What an odd feeling. Terrifying. People can buy this book, available at Smashwords, and read it and tell me how much of an awful job I did writing it. It will be great!

This book has been in the works since 2012 and now it is done. probably. I give it less than 48 hours until someone lets me know about typos. That is assuming people do me he kind, kind favor of purchasing it, which they can do here https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/527762.

Okay, so in the short term the hope is that this book will be on sale at Amazon, Apple and a few other places. (It is under review at those places and I should know within the next two days.) In the end, I hope you purchase it from Shashwords. Why? Money. I get the best royalties from them. Although, Apple and Amazon won’t be bad. Except for Amazon Japan. For some reason buying the book, assuming it passes the vetting process, from Amazon Japan nets me half the percentage of anywhere else. Well, that isn’t exactly true, there are a few other of the Amazon sites that also cut royalties in half. But basically, stick to smash words if you can.

I am thrilled. Thrilled and excited. I hope you join me for this ride.

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