So close, so far… (to publishing)

I feel I’ve neglected these pages the last week,  but trust me it has been for a good cause. As of today, I am satisfied that the writing on the book is finished. Probabaly. I mean, it’s not perfect and likely never will be. But, I have finished the for real final read through and edit. It has been a few months since the last time and it felt like I was looking at the work with much fresher eyes. That helped catch a lot of silly errors and to clean up some clunky language.

Editing is weird. It at the same time boosts confidence by reminding me that there are some damn good places in this book while also keeping the ego in check by showcasing some silly typos or the occasional sentence where even I have to stop and ask “what was I trying to say here?” 

It also reminds me how much I want this book to be read. Because I really enjoyed reading it again, despite the labor aspect of reading it again. Parts made me smile and parts made me sad.  A few chapters are surprisingly emotionally strong and in a few simply awful things happen to people that don’t deserve it. I just like it.

But mostly it just makes me realize that I am ready for people to read this book and I think the book is easy as well. Don’t get me wrong, i have no illusions of Deadly Troubadours becoming a surprise international success that gets all the internet a buzz. Sure, I have fantasies of that, but no realistic expectations. But I am ready for an audience of any size and I hope I am lucky enough to get some feedback. At least a little.

And hopefully from next week some of that feedback will begin to trickle in. After all, March 15 is the target date and so far things look good.

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