Vote for Me!

I was lucky enough to have a few readers who nominated me in an online “Best Indie Book of 2017” contest. The bad news is that my book “Sand, Sea and Stone” likely won’t come out until the very end of December. The good news is that it looks like anyone can not in this … More Vote for Me!

Indiegogo 1: Process

Almost two years since my first campaign on Indiegogo, I started one to print my second novel. Last time my indiegogo campaign came out almost as an afterthought. I’d already released the book through the many self-publishing options (chiefly the smash words gamut and Amazon) and many friends had already purchased a copy. But, there … More Indiegogo 1: Process

Sand, Sea and Stone Excerpt: A Kestra Chapter

I just had a little visit with Kestra, heroine of Deadly Troubadours. She’s doing well. I’ve certainly missed having her voice in my had these past few months and really enjoyed diving back into her chapters. Here is a little sample of where she starts. I wouldn’t say there are explicit spoilers for Deadly Troubadours, … More Sand, Sea and Stone Excerpt: A Kestra Chapter