Indiegogo 6: 100 Buys

As far as my personal life is going, things are moving quickly. Working my regular school teaching job and being a father takes up a decent amount of time. Then there is camp. I just spent three days up in the mountains and will be going out again next week for about four days. And lets keep it clear, I enjoy all these things. Some of them I even love. But it doesn’t leave a lot of time at the end of the day.

And that time needs to go to working on this book and trying to convince people to purchase it. I’ll admit, the weight is starting to pull me down. This campaign finishes in in 20 days, and for it to be a pure success I need 100 people to purchase a copy. That doesn’t seem very likely. Not really.

But I’ve got to keep spreading the word. Got to keep doing my best. Gotta keep hope alive.

Version 3

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