Indiegogo 2: Asking

I am writing this in the train on the way to work. Feeling good, if a little nervous.

The campaign is a little over a quarter of the way finished and I have raised a quarter of the funds I am hoping for.
I look around and see things I need to do better. I’ll admit that running this kind of campaign when so much of my time outside of work goes to entertaining a two-year-old is hard work. But I’m up for it. And I’ll adjust.

Most important is I want to that those who have contributed so far. Every dollar helps.

What I also need is for folk who have friends who like fantasy Adventure to help me spread the word. Let them know this book is out there. Twist their arms just a touch. Okay, maybe not that.

But do let them know that this promises to be an engaging fantasy romp. And, hey, if they haven’t read the first book, that is available as well!

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