Most of the last two days I’ve had a low key migraine going on. Almost low enough where I feel a little bad calling it a migraine. I was able to work, move about, etc. It’s pretty much faded away by this point. Now I just need to figure out what might have helped. The … More Recovering

I Get Migraines

Every now and then. They come and squeeze my brain. Sinuses and eyes feel pierced. Today it was all I could do to finish work before the migraine fully blossomed. Still fighting it. Too much to do today to be out of commission. So far no nausea, so it isn’t one of the really bad … More I Get Migraines


Today is a day of good news bad news. The good news was that the Mrs. was able to get her art project finished in time. Which is great because it is scheduled to be shown at a gallery in London. I’ll add more info to that later. The final version can’t be revealed yet … More Migraines