Today is a day of good news bad news. The good news was that the Mrs. was able to get her art project finished in time. Which is great because it is scheduled to be shown at a gallery in London. I’ll add more info to that later. The final version can’t be revealed yet but it is possible to share some of the elements. You can see those at her blog, but it is all in Japanese. The art is still awesome.

The bad news is I woke up this morning with a blossoming migraine. It wrecked my entire day. 9 hours, 2 naps and 1 round of acupuncture and massage later and it had mostly faded. But it wrecked my day.Even now typing this i am making more errors than I would like and my head feels like it is filling up with cotton.

So the best thing I am going to be able to offer today is the above link to the Mrs. art. Check that out. She’s quite talented.

Here is a taste. Go to her site to see a larger version by clicking the picture.


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