Grumpy Bird Reviews:Black Widow v6 #1

A new number #1! A new creative team! I’ve heard that a lot lately from the big two. But this team bring some serious chops with it. But due they deliver with Black Widow?

IMG_1928Black Widow v6 #1

Writer: Mark Waid and Chris Samnee

Art: Chris Samnee

Color Art: Matthew Wilson

Publisher: Marvel

Quick Review: No doubt about it, Chris Samnee is an amazing artist. This was a full issue chase scene with some really great storytelling. Sure, there was one panel change that had me confused, but otherwise very strong storytelling. But, here is the flip. This is an issue #1. I’m not invested yet. Without having a context for anything that is going on, I don’t really care. This would be a fantastic issue two. As an issue one… it was very pretty.

Analysis: This art team is fantastic. Everything Samnee is executing is being enhanced by Wilson’s colors. Just great how it can be so dark by being so bright. Absolutely superb. I can just stare at this book all day long.

Unfortunately, that is really all I can do with it, because there is no substance here. There are so many versions and takes on Black Widow that I really can’t go in with expectations. The last volume was a deliberately paced espionage mystery. This is all at action. It is a popcorn book. and popcorn books have there place. But again, without something to ground it this just feels a little too fluffy.

Wrap Up: Samnee and Wilson got me in for issue two. But we are going to need some more heavy lifting by Waid if I’m going to keep up with this.

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