A Day of Rest

After dealing with a migraine yesterday, today was my first day of true rest in the last two weeks. It felt glorious. After what started as a sleepless night, I managed to stay in dreamland until almost 10:00am. This is almost unheard of under normal circumstances.

After that, a leisurely morning of coffee and breakfast followed by some reading and some watching of Silicon Valley. I really enjoy that show even though there is something painful about it.

After a slow ,morning I started the afternoon with a bit of exercise, rowing 5000 meters. Before the magic that is the Christmas season threw me off my schedule I was up to 10,000. Too much time off and I am basically having to start over. That isn’t a good feeling and I am a little too timid to step on the old scale to see what other changes have happened after two months of barely having the opportunity to exercise.

Needless to say I chased away those demons by reading some more comics. Classic Iron Man by Denny O’Neil. I didn’t like the start of his run, but he is doing some great things with a drunken Tony Stark and James Rhodes as Iron Man. Why is it I am having an easier time enjoying comics from the 70’s and 80’s than comics from today?

When the Mrs. came home from lunch with our little guy it was with news that he might have a little stomach bug. He was really great tempered and wanted to play, but was/is having trouble keeping food down. As she readied for taking him to see the doctor I got to rock and soothe him. If there is a bright spot to having a slightly sick baby, it is that it gives me the opportunity to rock him to sleep. Normally he is much to eager to play and play to sit still for such things as daddy cuddles. But today, I got a good amount.

Then with wife and child out the door I set into making dinner. At Rika’s request tacos were prepared. I’m still pleased that I have won her over to the side of tacos being awesome. Don’t get me wrong, she was never anti-taco, but just had never really had them growing up. This being Japan and all that. Not so easy to find.

Now with little man asleep and a little bit of writing done, once more I am about to cozy up to some reading. The only question is if I will go for some more comics, or will I read an actual novel.

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