Thoughts on the New Ghostbusters Trailer

I feel like I should start this out by acknowledging that this movie has come under fire from certain people for being a remake that dares cast women when the original had men. Let’s not spare words. Those who have decided to hate this movie simply because it stars four women are poo-poo stupid heads. Yeah, I brought out the big guns. Using the gender or race of a cast as a means of judging a movie is nonsense.

Now, at the same time I also feel that there are supporters of this movie who have turned every criticism directed at it as secretly being prompted by misogyny. I can understand the under-siege mentality but at the same time I also think it is fair to have doubts about this movie based on the makeup of the actual move. Of course, judging a movie by its cast and director, while those are certainly a factor, isn’t going to be that great in indicator. If you had told me that a pair of sit-com directors and the Human Torch from the 2005 Fantastic Four would be in charge of what would be my favorite super-hero movie, I would have told you you’re crazy. But there you go.

So, yeah, some people were not so enthused by Ghostbusters, and yes, some of them did have legitimate points. Even if, yes, there were still poo-poo stupid heads out there.

But, now the first official trailer has dropped and we have been given a taste of what we might expect. Now, again, we have to keep in mind this is a trailer. I don’t know how much input, if at all, director Paul Feig had on this trailer. He might be thrilled. He might not be. I don’t know. He hasn’t called me up to tell me. But whoever made this trailer thought that this would be reflective enough of the movie to be the best way to sell it.

And to be honest, this trailer has done more to turn me away from this movie than to excite me.

First off, the humor just seems so basic. Sure, Ghostbusters had a lot of physical comedy. There was plenty that a kid like I was then could watch and enjoy. But there were so many layers of jokes in that movie that it seemed that every time I watched I discovered something new to laugh at. The humor in this trailer does not look layered in any way. It does not look like clever humor. It looks about as one note as Scary Movie. To me, that is just laziness. But then again people also like Brooklyn 99 and I said the same thing about that.

Then there are the effects. I get they are going for something new. But, the ghosts look too neon and too fake. Rather than a spooky vibe, I’m getting a Haunted Mansion vibe. Something for kids. Which might tie into the first point. The original was a movie for adults that kids could watch. This looks like a movie really trying hard to get that kid dollar. Oh, and adults can watch it too.

And then there is Leslie Jones. I am not familiar with any of her other work. As far as I know this trailer is the only thing I have seen here in. And goodness. What is there to say? You know how when you watch the Phantom Menace and the neimoidians make you feel you are watching something wrong. And then Jar Jar comes on screen and then you know for sure. Well, it is 2016 and I just watched a trailer were the only onscreen black person told me the white characters were smart but she was street smart and then she got really excited about getting a cadillac. Rather than my labeling it as racist, I’ll just ask anyone to tell me how it isn’t.

And by the way, no, it isn’t the same as Ernie Hudson. Nothing about Hudson’s character was defined by his race. He was an everyman when compared to the other Ghostbusters, but he wasn’t defined by his skin color. He was not a stereotype. Again, feel free to tell me how the Leslie Jones character isn’t being presented as a stereotype.

So, in this trailer we are given juvenile humor, ghost effects that look second rate when compared to those from 30 years ago, and a little dab of racism.

Is it safe now to say I am not excited about this movie without being accused of hating women?


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