Lucius Hemmet

(I’ve been looking through computer files of other stories I haven’t shared and found this. It was a write-up for a Dungeons and Dragons character I played that was a royal librarian/assassin and I always liked this little tale. I even managed to steal a few lines from Shakespeare. 10 points if you can spot the reference.

The sun poured in thru the closed window, filling the normally musty library with clear brilliance. At the center table sat a young blonde woman, whose appearance nearly lit the room brighter than the sun. She paid little attention to the book she was pretending to read; instead her eyes darted around the room, hoping to see her tutor enter.

“I thought you couldn’t come today,” Lucius said, startling her. “I swear you must be part ghost. I didn’t hear you approach,” Vanessa giggled. “I convinced father that I needed a new book. He is anxious that I appear well learned, although I think he would be quit shocked if he were to discover just how much you have taught me.”

Lucius reddened slightly, making him appear even younger than he was. About some subjects he would always appear shy. “It is probably for the best if your father only thinks I teach you history.”

“Will you come to me tonight?” she asked bluntly. Her ability to always speak her mind without embarrassment or hesitation was something that continuously charmed and amazed him.

“I cannot. I am required elsewhere tonight.”

“I suppose a librarian’s work is never done,” she teased, although a wave of disappointment crossed her face.

That evening a clouds were heavy threatening rain. Bitter winds swept thru the nearby town, keeping many folks in their homes. It was a perfect evening for staying warm in front of the fire some thought. Of course others considered it a perfect evening for secret meetings. Gregor Tildon was such a man. He had served in the army as a young man, only to see himself passed over for merits he deserved, and instead watched as the soft-handed sons of noblemen, whelps who couldn’t piss themselves out of a paper bag, were named his superiors. It seemed the king would rather Tildon be a innkeeper that a leader of men. But a leader of men he was, and without the king’s knowledge or blessing.

This thought always made Gregor smile. For almost thirty years Gregor had been plotting. And now, with his two sons, who were both hard-handed men, as his most trusted lieutenants, the time had almost arrived for change. This need for change was the reason Gregor Tildon and his two sons were riding on the outskirts of town. Soon they would make this need a reality.

The heavy wind hid the song of the arrow which dropped the elder son from his horse. Looking behind him, Gregor saw his younger son’s horse riderless, and five yards behind him his son performed a crude dance on air, suspended by a cord around his neck. Sudden lightning gave Gregor a glimpse of steel before it disappeared into the flank of his horse. The world spun as the animal reeled and feel, pinning Gregor to the earth.

Looking around him Gregor could see a man in black standing before him with shortsword drawn. From somewhere in the darkness another arrow came forth ending the screams of the wounded animal. Gregor looked into the green eyes of the man sent to kill him. Thunder boomed through the forest.

The green eyed assassin looked down at his prey. “It will rain tonight.”

Gregor glared at him with burning eyes and spoke thru bloody teeth, “Then let it come down.”

A shadow fell over Vanessa as she sat in her chamber reading. “You said you wouldn’t come tonight.”

“My duties didn’t take as long as I imagined,” he answered honestly.

“You’re soaked.”

“I’m also cold.”

“Then come warm yourself at my fire,” she said extinguishing the bedside candle.

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