Little Birds and Healing Bones

Last week I talked about how one of my parrots suffered a broken leg while at the vet. Since then I have had a few questions about how she is recovering.

Kinako, the bird i question, is doing nicely. We took her to the vet over the weekend and were told that the bones are knitting together nicely. The cartilage has joined together and the new bone growth should solidify soon. (If any of that sounds medically ridiculous, blame it on the conversation being held in my second language. And being in medicalese.)

Still, we need to keep her in the travel cage for at least another two weeks. Kinako is our little flyer and we’ve been cautioned that all it would take is one hard landing to reverse any healing and possible do even more damage. We are trying to keep her happy with lots of beak scratches and sunflower seeds. Still, I’m sure she’ll be much happier when she gets to rejoin Yomogi in their shared cage.

IMG_2977More and more I think of Kinako as being in birdy jail. She doesn’t get to leave her little cage unless it is to travel to another travel cage so that we can keep everything clean. Also, she has visiting time when we bring Yomogi over. With Kinako’s food dish on the inside and Yomogi’s dish on the outside the two of them can either eat together.

All things considered, our birds our both doing fine. It’s possible the most long term damage will be to our faith in the vet and staff at the bird clinic closest and most convenient to our apartment. Rather than dealing with them we are opting to travel the extra forty minutes to the new vet at a different branch of the same clinic. He’s much better at explaining and generally just seems more knowledgeable about overall bird care. Plus, he hasn’t charged us for the two exams related to Kinako, unlike the doctor who had care of her when the damage was done. Fortunately, new vet does occasional work at the closer clinic, so in the future we can just schedule any checkups around his schedule.

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