Grumpy Bird Reviews: Ms. Marvel #3

It’s been two issues of diminishing returns. Will issue three be the big one that turns it all around? Short answer: Sadly, no.

No spoilers. Just disappointment.

5346ffc523078Ms. Marvel #3

Writer: G. Willow Wilson

Art: Adrian Alphona

Color Art: Ian Herring

Last issue I was bothered by the rather non-superheroics involved in helping a teenager out of water. That this issue started by belaboring that incident with news reports didn’t do anything but remind me of how poorly handled that drowning was.

In fact, most of this issue just served as a reminder to its weaknesses. Kamala Khan experimenting with her powers was just one cliche after another. And it started, yet again, with big hand-itis. Bruno creating a polymer that makes fabric stretchier. I wonder if this will pay off with her having shapeshifting powers? But then again her shapeshifting effects her clothes. Oh, right.

Maybe there is a good story in here somewhere that is just being ruined by Wilson’s mediocre-at-best writing. For example, the dialog Kamala utters after seeing her friend is being robbed? “What do I do what do I do? Stop drop and roll? No, that’s fire.” Bad. Just bad.

Predictions: the cliffhang of an ending will be resolved by the Khan returning to normal. Bruno will learn her secret identity. His polymer will be used to (meaninglessly) make her a costume.

The art is still great, but the writing is so bad that I can’t enjoy the issue. I’ll try and finish the arc just to see if it is as cliched as I think it is.

With most other reviews being so high I wonder am I being too harsh or am I just reading a different comic than everyone else?

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