How I Spent My Summer Vacation

It’s been a while. I had goals for this summer and I met a lot of those goals. Unfortunately, the goals that were set about regularly updating here did not get met. Now I will start playing catch-up.

Here is my lame excuse as to why: For the middle six weeks of this summer I was at camp. I was a Mr. Manager in the mountains to a group of kids and camp counselors. I thought “It will be busy, but I’m sure I’ll be able to spend some time at night each day writing and can post on the weekends back when I am in an area where internet exists.” That didn’t happen.

I had so much fun and had so many great experiences that whining about having work days that pretty much stretched from 6:30am to 11:00pm on light days seems disingenuous. At the very least, I was tired and writing did not happen. If it did it would be increasingly unclever ways of saying “I am tired.” But the camp, and everything that went on with it, was awesome. Even when it was terrible and we were attacked by big-huge hornets it was still awesome. Seriously those hornets were huge. Gah. Still, camp is over and I am six weeks (or seven because after camp I spent a week sleeping) behind where I wanted to be at this point.

As far as this site is concerned there are half-finished posts about:
A review of my friends debut novel.
Random thoughts on the upcoming female Thor.
A review of the first two seasons of HBO’s Girls.

All timely, as you can see.

Hope you’ll come back tomorrow.

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