Comics League International

First CoverThis week will (hopefully) see another project begin to bear fruit. Since February I’ve been co-hosting the Living Japan Podcast and it has been a great deal of fun. So much fun that I wanted to start a second podcast that discusses comic books. Which, as you know, is not the most original idea ever. Still, that unoriginal idea, was my idea.

Slowly and surely I’ve been gathering willing friends and guilting less-than-willing friends into helping me record a show. The concept is pretty simple. Read a classic, or at least an older, comic story and then talk about it. Also, most of these shows will feature guests not from the United States, who can also talk about any comics culture in their home countries. In the first four episodes we have guests from Mexico and South Africa. And Hawaii, but that is also the USA, so I don’t think that counts even though it is fairly different geographically and culturally from my native Florida and Georgia.

Just one more header to record and edit in, and then I am ready to post the first episode. Which will then lead to the task of making a feed and getting it approved by iTunes for distribution. Then, once the show goes live on iTunes, episodes will be released weekly.

I hope you enjoy.

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