Support an Artist: The Riddle Box

front_coverI’ve talked about my friend Derek before. At least I reviewed his book Spell Sword. It was a fun read and left me wanting to read more. Which is convenient because he has a new book out: The Riddle Box. I’ve read the first few chapters and have enjoyed it. It starts out on a stronger foot than the already enjoyable Spell Sword. And you should buy it. You should buy them both.


Karma. Help out an artist who is doing everything on his own (or at least mostly on his own with some support from friends and allies.) Chances are if you are reading this blog then you enjoy art, storytelling, fantasy, and comics. And you probably also want to create something of your own. Karmically, paying it forward can’t hurt. (No, I really don’t understand karma.)

Another reason?

Support something good. Support a unique voice in fiction. Support something independent. Support something that hasn’t been filtered (for better of for worse) through corporations that produce most of the entertainment we consume.

But mostly support it because, honestly, I think you’ll get a kick out of. It’ll put a smile on your face and remind you that there is more to fantasy than tales of grim dark.


(Also, Derek is going to be on next week’s episode of Comics League International.)


For The Riddle Box, you can buy the Kindle version from Amazon Japan

Or in Amazon US buy it on kindle or buy the paperback version

(Yes, those links also use my affiliate page which sends a few cents my way instead of to Amazon.)

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