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I’m not that good a self promotion. I like to think everything I create is a least decent with a few things that might even be considered pretty good. I also like to tell myself that the quality of my creations is consistently increasing. Maybe not between every item, but certainly as a general trend. At least that is what I tell myself.

I am currently involved in two podcasts (Living Japan and Comics League International, both available of iTunes!) and I am in the final process of putting together my self-published fantasy novel Deadly Troubadours (about which hopefully starting next week I will have a lot more to share). For all of these I have found/am finding that the hardest part is reach. Finding an audience. Finding the people who I think will enjoy that little nugget of creation. Especially since there might not be much cross over. Sure, a fantasy novel and a comic book podcast probably appeal to the similar groups, but a podcast talking about social/cultural/political issues of Japan is pretty much an outlier.

But a new year brings new resolutions. Along with with the old standbys (create more, read more, exercise more) comes a new one: promote more. It is happening in baby-steps, but it is happening. Okay, one thing has happened. Comics League International has a Facebook page.IMG_1686 Sure, content wise there won’t be much difference from what you find there to what you find here. Maybe it will be easier to leave comments. The biggest difference, I am hoping, is that it will be easier to let others know about the podcast. (And eventually the novel because that is a lot of what this is all about.) If you’ve enjoyed my scribbling on this blog and/or enjoyed my rambling on podcasts I hope you take a moment to click “like” on the Facebook page and maybe even take a moment to share with some of your friends. As of this writing CLI has 20 subscribers and 17 likes. I’d love to see that number climb

Anyway, 2015 is going to be a big year for me. Not only for the podcasts and novels, but for reasons that are still internet secret. I’m going to share, of course. But for now, I hope you can take a moment to add a little bit of support to my projects.

(The only weird thing is I’m worried about this becoming an annoyance. After all, I do have the Living Japan podcast also available on iTunes and [knock-on-wood] Deadly Troubadours publishing soon. That’s a lot to promote.)

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