Fantastic Four 2015 Trailer

There is a new Fantastic Four trailer. And lots of reviews. Lots. So many I almost don’t know why I am adding to the noise. But i guess if I took that into mind I wouldn’t write anything ever. So, onto the trailer!

Over all feeling was that this was better than I had expected. I do tend to ignore news reports of movies because I want see movies fresh and without knowing everything about them. Still, that the movie has been dealing with some harsh criticism crept into my radar. I half expected this to look like a cross between the Corman version and the more recent outing. But, visually at least, this looked pleasant enough.

Actors and actresses were present. They had faces and everything. There really isn’t much else to say because there was nothing really said by them. I guess Reed looked beefier than I would imagine. I haven’t seen a group shot of the three actors but I do wonder if they will come off as having similar body types. Maybe I’m just showing how little I know of their work. I really only know the actress from House of Cards and Jordan from The Wire. Even grown up I still think “Where’s Wallace?” When I see him.

The main reason I am writing this is to talk about the tone of the movie. The music, the grey/blue lighting, everything just points to this being a somber movie. Which doesn’t excite me. The Fantastic Four are Marvel’s first family. To me, there needs to be a feeling of love and hope in the movie. I know they are doing a different story, one more in line with the Ultimate Fantastic Four (slight shudder), but I really want this foursome to end up feeling like a family. Hopefully everyone can think of a group technically unrelated to them that they can consider their family. That is the closeness that these characters need to forge in order for this movie to gain my seal of goodness. Which is obviously what they are striving for.

Not much Doom. If any. Which…well, if there is one aspect about this movie that makes me very considered it is the rumors that I hear about Doom. Like I said, I try not to pay too much attention but I do listen to nerd news and other comic podcasts so I have heard that Doom is an angry hacker. That is disappointing. I want to be optimistic, but my fear is that the duology might have some competition for most missing the character of Doom.

Still, that wasn’t in the trailer, so it isn’t really fair to talk about. But Hacker Doom is worrisome.

Another fear? Sure. But not about the movie. I’ve been enjoying the current James Robinson run on Fantastic Four. But that is going away soon. And then the Marvel Universe explodes or whatever. My worry is that if this movie makes enough money this will become the new version of the FF. Since it isn’t directly a Marvel Studios movie, I’m not really worried. But I am.

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