Daredevil 2015 Trailer

I had a bit of fun writing about the recent Fantastic Four Trailer, so I thought I would drop a few thoughts about the recently released Daredevil trailer.

Again, I do try to limit how much I know about a show/movie before it comes out (most of the time) so that I can just enjoy it fresh. Still, I do like me some comic books news and so things seep in.

First off, I’m pretty excited about the Daredevil show I’m not really sure why. I think it has to do with it being on Netflix. I’ve really enjoyed House of Cards and Orange is the New Black. I know that doesn’t really have any bearing on the quality of Daredevil, but still I’m more excited than I would be if it were on another network. For the record I haven’t checked out season 2 of Agents of SHIELD despite enjoying the second half of season 1, and I found Agent Carter’s first two episodes pretty underwhelming.

Back to ol’ horn head. This was a pretty interesting trailer. Love how Charlie Cox comes across, partly because I just like that actor. Still, the over all mood of the trailer has me curious. The creepy music and just look of the show makes me think more of a horror flick than superhero or gangland drama, which are the two most often ways of portraying Daredevil.

Also, there is something about that final line “I’m just trying to make my city a better place” being spoken as we see Daredevil spitting out a mouthful of blood that makes me wonder if we are going to get unstable Daredevil. Cox comes across as conflicted, which is how I like my Matt Murdock, and I wonder if in the world of the show if Daredevil will be seen as dangerous figure to the everyday people. After all, it is pretty psychotic to run around rooftops and beat up bad guys.

Speaking of Batman, Daredevil is often considered Marvel’s analogue to Batman. This will be a tightrope walk for the show. I hope they manage it well. However, the poster, seen on the show’s imdv page reminds me an awful lot of on the Dark Knight images. Really inviting comparison in some regard. But maybe it’s just me?

B6w3Jq0CEAENy8i.jpg-large the_dark_knight_poster

Still, I’m looking forward to the show and will probably disappear for a few days when it is released.

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