Modern Comics I Endorse

Most of the reviews on this site are not overly positive. That is something I need to work on. The truth is when I read a fun/good comic I do feel less of a need to comment on it than when I read a comic that falls below my standards. Also, I feel the need to comment on comics that have made some waves in the comics community, especially when my opinion is different from many of the reviews I’ve read. And this commenting will likely continue, partly because I suppose I am contrary, but also I like sharing my opinions.

But I am also going to make an effort to share more of the things I like. Good comics need to be celebrated, especially if they are good comics that I don’t hear others mentioning. In the future there will be more individual issue reviews of the things I like, but for now here is an overview of the current comics that I enjoy (in no particular order.)

1) Justice League United – (Jeff Lemire and Mike McKone; DC) A title I almost passed over, but have been really enjoying. I like the team dynamics and Lemire does a great job of adding personality to his characters. Admittedly I enjoyed the opening arc more than the current one featuring the Legion of Super-Heroes. It isn’t bad, but just seems to drag more than I would like.

2) Guardians 3000 – (Dan Abnett and Gerardo Sandovar; Marvel) This title scratches that itch for good Marvel Cosmic stories, something I’ve missed since the reins were handed over to Bendis. This is Abnett telling great stories in his own little pocket of the Marvel universe, which is part of what made the DnA take on Marvel Cosmic so fun and rewarding in the first place. The art took a little getting used to, and I see more teeth than normal, but it has a strong stylistic and kinetic sense that won me over.

3) Velvet – (Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting; Image) Brubaker and Epting. Seventies spy story. Strong female protagonist. That alone should tell you how awesome this comic is.

4) Black Widow/Punisher/Deathlok (Nathan Edmondson and Phil Noto/Mitch Gerards/Mike Perkins; Marvel) Edmondson is killing it with these three books and their varied takes on military action. Each series also has an extremely talented artist. While I would like to see Edmondson branch out just to see what else he can do, I also want to see his take on similar characters whose current runs have been less enjoyable (at least to me.) Not to name names, but it would be awesome to see and Edmondson Elektra series. Or even, dare I suggest it, his take on Captain America?

Those are just some of the titles I’ve been enjoying. I’ll showcase more as they come out.

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