Dice, Biscuits and an Omnibus

It has been a good weekend here at the Deadly Troubadours home office (aka, my apartment.) Nothing overly constructive happened, but that might be why it was such an enjoyable weekend.

B-XWVhFCEAAyx9VSaturday morning I took a train two hours to play a little table-top rpg. My friend Rodney, who is the man behind Rising Phoenix Games, has recently started a Marvel Super Heroes campaign. I guested for a session as Dr. Strange, but got to betray the group because I was actually Loki in disguise. Except in the end Thor beat the crap out of me in a pure physical brawl. Which is as it should be. As you might have guessed comics and playing pretend are some of my favorite things, so needless to say it was a great day. Except for the four plus hours I spent on a train.

Sunday came and for the third week in a row I made biscuits. They are starting to get pretty good. As strange asIMG_3550 it may sound, as a southerner in Japan it feels really good to just make simple biscuits. It’s like I’m connecting to my roots. I certainly don’t want to overly romanticize the South, because it has its issues just like anywhere, but the rhythms and ticks of the South are a part of me and I do miss a lot of its charms. There are some interesting overlaps between Southern and Japanese culture, for example the importance of politeness and how to treat a guest or even in how to indirectly tell a guest to go home, but there are a tremendous amount of differences. And being able to cook up a few biscuits helps close the distance.

IMG_3551Plus, an omnibus I ordered arrived. One of the benefits of changing from a grad student to actually having a job is that I can actually afford to spend a little money on nice books. And so when I saw the New Warriors Omnibus I felt the automatic urge to purchase. That only the first issue is available in the Marvel Unlimited app clinched the deal.  To say that this brings back some childhood memories is selling it short. I can’t wait to crack this baby open and start reading. I’m even thinking of doing some throwback reviews of this issues, mostly because I don’t know anyone here who will rally want to talk about them. Anyone out there in the interweb interested in re-visiting the greatness that was the first 26 issues (and a few connected stories and annuals) of the New Warriors?

One thought on “Dice, Biscuits and an Omnibus

  1. It was great playing with you too, Brent. It’s really fun when someone with such an extensive knowledge of the Marvel Universe takes on the role of a character like Dr. Strange or Loki and then puts his own spin on things. For those reading, one such example was when Thor summoned Mjolnir out of Ed Gross’s Mansion, only to have Dr Strange/Loki open a portal in it’s flight path that sent the mighty hammer off to another dimension.
    Awesome times.

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