And then I became a Dad…

My son was born last week. May 14th at 4pm. 8lbs13oz or 4kg. Take your pick. The main thing is, my world is now different in ways I can only start to comprehend. Right now I am typing away and his mother is feeding him. I’ve spent the last five hours with him doing feedings and changing diapers and yet I still feel guilty for not being there right now (even though I have been cleared to type away for a little bit.)

It only took a moment to know that I loved my son. It wasn’t even the first time I saw his face. It was that first moment his head crowned as my wife was giving birth.  I saw a shock of hair and knew that I loved him. It was that fast.

It also needs to be said that my wife is incredibly strong. She did something incredible and brought life into this world and continues to be incredible every day after.

I want to tell myself that things are not going to change. That I will find times to read and review comics, record podcasts and continue plugging away on the sequel to Deadly Troubadours. And I am sure I will. There are always fragments of time to snatch. But it is going to be harder to be productive. It is going to be a fight, but all I have to do is learn not to need sleep.

Maybe later I will write up an account of the birth. That would be fun. But right now I’m too tired. I just want to point out something simple. When my son came into the world I was wearing a Booster Gold t-shirt. That makes me smile. Version 2

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