11:30 on Saturday Night

There are times I wish there were more hours in the day. Or at least that I had more time to focus on the many projects I want to work on. But somedays that just isn’t possible.

Today started at 6:30am. Or actually a little bit earlier when the baby got hungry, but the Mrs. was kind enough to take care of him this morning so I got to sleep in until 6:30. Why so lucky? Because today was a work day.

Several times throughout the year I work in English camps. It really is an amazing time. I get to work with a diverse group of talented and awesome people. Together we take care of kids and try to get them speaking English while enjoying the outdoors. I think it is safe to say that some of my current closest friends are people I have met through this job. But today was a training session and it was in the form of an info dump, so while the great staff made it far more entertaining than it might sound, it was still long hours of going over schedules in a classroom.

But the good news was that when I got home my wife and I got to go out on a date. When you have a 7-month old this is a rare treat. But the Christmas season brings miracles and yesterday the miracle was the arrival of my parents. They were more than happy to look after our son so we could eat a food impossible to have with a tiny baby: yakiniku. Meats grilled at the table. And we stuffed ourselves.

After dinner when spent a good hour or more visiting with my parents before taking the tyke back home to but him back to bed. So, yes, today was a great day. But now it is 11:30 and I’ll I can think about is all the things that I didn’t have time to work on. I didn’t work on the finalization of the indiegogo campaign or write on book 2, or practice any music. But that is for tomorrow I suppose.

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