Hello 2016

A sequel to yesterday’s post.

Yesterday was al about things that made 2015 a terrific year. Here I just want to highlight a few things that I can work on to make this year awesome. Specifically things lacking from last year or just that need to have more focus given.

First on the list is music. Music has been something I’ve tinkered with my whole life. I like playing. I like singing. I’m not that great at it or anything and everytime I get closer to being better I put things down because of life. 2015 kind of re-ignited that fire but a baby in the house shortens playable hours. But I can make it happen. I want to practice and get better.

This blog and all that goes with it is on the list. I had over a thousand more views than last year. I want to keep growing but to do that I need to post more. More reviews, more stories. Maybe more things about my life? I don’t know if that is what people come hear for. I’m pretty sure it is more for what I think about Spider-Man. Also, podcasts which is more of what I need to work on. My last planned recording session had to be cancelled because of a sleeping baby. Gotta find a work around. And more guests that want to talk comics.

Also, I think I need to be more positive and try to enjoy things more. Maybe. I am very critical about a great many things. But I never feel I am being unfair to the things I don’t like. Maybe that is how dislikes work, but I also know I have disliked things for weird reasons that aren’t really fair. Perhaps I’m coming at it the wrong way. Perhaps instead of focusing on the bad I can also make an active effort to highlight the positives. Yeah, that sounds good.

Last on the list would be read more books. Because reading is awesome.

Bring it 2016. Let’s do this.

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