Back at Camp

I’m attempting to follow my wife’s example and post daily. This is day number four. Last year my longest streak was five days. I think I can beat that. But the next few days will be a challenge.

I’m at camp again in charge of almost 50 kids and 5 staff on my team. The staff are awesome and I had a meaningful post planned out. But then there was some vomit. And in cold, dry conditions that means danger. The first responding staffer took point on clean up while others tended to the camper. Everything went smooth. Now it is the waiting game to see if Noro virus strikes. We have our protocols and they were followed. But sometimes it just comes down to luck. Of course procedure can sway that luck a great deal.

Still, the loss of an hour changed this post from a meaningful one to one of just being glad to be part of such an awesome crew. The first responder wasn’t even on my team this session, but he didn’t hesitate to get involved and do what was best for the camper. That level of dedication is shared by the entire staff. And although the days are long it can be pretty inspiring to work around such folk. So, maybe this is a meaningful post afterall.

But it is also a short one because it is almost midnight and I have to be up no later than 6:30 tomorrow morning.

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