Taco Night and Last Great Sitcom

The other day I started rewatching Frasier. Even though it originally starts airing over twenty years ago it still holds up strong. What a great combination of high and low brow humor and an incredible cast. Of course Kelsey Grammer is an excellent lead here, but really all the major players do heavy lifting. It is a great show to put on while cooking or cleaning to help pass the time, which is what I did tonight.

It worked better for us for me to cook dinner tonight and the Mrs. Had a long day, so I asked her what she wanted. She said tacos. This feels like something of a victory. We started dating over eight years ago and at that time I’m pretty sure she had never eaten tacos before. Part of the experience was teaching her how to make them and that, yes, it is okay to eat them with your hands. Now, I’m making my own flour tortillas and she is asking for them after a hard day. Because tacos are awesome.

For those wondering, it took me about 3 episodes of Frasier to prep the entire meal including 16 mid sized tortillas from scratch.

After eating I started thinking more about sitcoms. Growing up, sitcoms were a huge part of available entertainment. Those half-hour live-action comedies. Night Court, Cheers and Newheart were some of my early favorites. And I loved Perfect Strangers. Getting older those shows have way to Seinfeld and Friends. And Frasier of course. I think when I left America Scrubs was only a year or so into it’s run.

I haven’t watched a lot of more modern sitcoms and those that I have watched have not really done much to interest me. 30 Rock never made me crack a smile a Big Bang Theory just makes me sad. The less said about the mess that is Brooklyn 99  the better. I haven’t seen Parks and Recreation. I’ll be honest that I am a little worried to watch it since it is hailed as being fantastic and disliking well regarded things does get old after a while. 

I’m probably missing some great shows either just not having access or being so full of tacos they aren’t coming to mind.

As for what I would consider the last great sitcom. As of writing this the best that comes to mind is Arrested Development.

I’m not trying to bait for comments or anything, but I would appreciate some recommendations as to what out there is good. Because laughter is also good. As are tacos.

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