Grumpy Bird Reviews: All New Wolverine #03

Despite being overall fairly mediocre, last issue ended on a pleasant surprise. I’m keened up to read where this next issue goes. Let’s see how that pans out.

4967663-0+anwolv2015003_dc11_lr-0All New Wolverine #03

Writer: Tom Taylor

Artists: David Lopez & David Navarrot

Publisher: Marvel

Quick Review: The first three pages of this comic is great. We get to see some fantastic Taskmaster scenes and are reminded of why he can be such an effective villain. Then the switch flips. Everything after that is eye-roll worthy. The story is so bland it tastes like paper. We learn something new about the clones. That something is yet another overused clone trope that I am not even sure if revealing it would even qualify as a spoiler. The worst part of this comic is that I do think that this creative team might be capable of some good works, but this is not it. When does the next story arc begin? Please tell me it isn’t being stretched out to fill a trade.

Spoilers Lurk Below

Analysis: There are story telling devices I don’t like. One of them is when the end of a story erases the action of the story (ex. Donnie Darko). Another is when the opening of a chapter is about reversing the status quo of the previous chapter (Ex. Matrix 3 and Pirates of the Caribbean 3). It just feels like a waste of too much story time. That is what was done here. It also undoes the most interesting aspect of the last issue.

And here’s the other thing. I like Taskmaster. He has always been a fun character to have around and has been used to some success. Sure, he isn’t an A-list villain despite some exposure in recent years, but he is great character. Which is why his treatment in issue three doesn’t sit right with me. Rather than a nice little fight scene, it just felt like the scene served only to smack him down a few pegs in order to elevate Laura. This issue basically takes the coolness that is Taskmaster and transforms him into a sniveling guy, shocked at an injury and taken out in three moves.

And what is the upside of this? More time with clones. And guess what? They are dying because of science. How’s that for a twist? Bet you’ve never heard that angle on a clone story.

And then enter Dr. Strange, because Laura wants to keep the assassin clones alive. Why do I feel that by page 5 Strange will be saying how the problem isn’t mystical so he can’t help?

Wrap Up: Yeah, this team might be able to give us better stories in future issues, but this offering is not working. Unless you are a Wolverine or X-23 completist there is absolutely no reason to pick this story up.

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