Thought on Pajamas and Superhero Suits

I was putting on my pajamas the other day and there was something about the motion of pulling the shirt down that made me think of superheroes. There is nothing heroic about my pjs by the way. This time of year pajamas means a sweatshirts and sweat pants. The sweatshirt preferably has a hood, not only for warmth but to block out light. The only way I resemble a superhero while in pjs is of there is a Captain Sleepy I don’t know about.

But there is that motion, that pulling the shirt past my chest that does feel mildly heroic. Like I am making sure my insignia is ready to face the world. Although, right know my chest insignia is an old stay that won’t wash out. Beware evil doers

That got me thinking. We all know that Spider-Man is constantly struggling to keep his suits prepped and ready to go. Sewing and cleaning Spidey suits is a running part of good Spidey comics. But what about Batman? The only panel I cam think of where batman is having a suit wasted in is The Dark Knight Returns where Alfred comments that Bruce will need to wear the suit wet.

Bat,an has to have a closet full of spare bat suits. After all. He’s rich. But are Amy of the suits special to him? And I don’t mean Arctic Adventure Batman or anything like that. I mean, does me have a lucky suit? Is there a suit that he feels gives him an edge In Taking out the Riddler? Does he have them washed after every patrol or would he think a stinky suit has better mojo? Are there special bat-socks or does he have a drawer of white cotton ankle socks he wears?

I know these are silly thoughts. But I like it when the little answers are given. There’s probably a good comic in the life cycle of a super suit. I’d read it.

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