Grumpy Bird Reviews: Totally Awesome Hulk #03

The first issue of this series was the best book I’ve read from this current line All New All Different Marvel launches. (Although, to be fair, I haven’t read that many.) The second issue, was just as fun, even if it didn’t get reviewed. But, a great two issues doesn’t insure a great third issue. Or does it?

img_1926Totally Awesome Hulk #03

Writer: Greg  Pak

Pencils: Frank Cho

Publisher: Marvel

Quick Review: This series has been super fun so far. This issue is super fun with an added slice of Fin Fang Foom. Then on top of that we are getting some nice slices of what has happened to get us to this point. All around, story, tone, action, pacing and art, this is a superb comic.

Spoilers Lurk Below

Analysis: One of the things I love so far about this series is that each issue has felt like an issue. Things happen. Things progress. Now, I’m sure this arc will end up being a nice trade-sized arc. I have no problem with that. But so many times writing-for-the-trade ends up with less than satisfying issues. That is not the case here. Admittedly each issue is so good that I just want to keep reading, but I respect the craft that is going on to make these issues satisfying.

Here we are given a fun battle between Hulkadeus and Fin Fang Foom. Which is a good as a place as any to remind the world that having Frank Cho on this book just seems perfect. Really. This is a bulky hulk that style feels athletic and smart. Foom seems wiry yet still monstrous and powerful. Goodness, but this art sings!

But also we are given more backstory on what happened to Banner and we get a clearer depiction of Amadeus keeping Hulk in the trunk. Which is a great and simple way of showing who is in charge and also gives the feeling that it won’t always be forever. But these three parts compliment each other nicely and never get in the way of telling an enjoyable story.

Really, if I had to say a negative about this book it would be in the convenience of Hulkadeus crashing into a chemical depository to help weaken Fin Fang Foom. It did feel a little cheap. But, hey, it didn’t hurt the fun of the story or result in and instant win, so I can forgive. This time.

Oh, and even though this issue tells a full story, it also ends in a cliffhanger. Pak is writing the hell out of this book.

Wrap Up: This is just a good comic. It doens’t feel gimmicky or like it is trying to pull people in with flahiness. It is just start to finish a fun read, with strong serious moments, from creators at the top of their game. This is the Hulk book you didn’t know you wanted.

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