This is going to be a rather short post today. Almost a day off really. The reason is a little bit of celebrating.

In Tokyo it is fairly difficult to get a child enrolled in nursery school. There are reasons for that as well, like shortage of teachers, but that just opens up more reasons and that isn’t what I want to dwell on. Basically, getting s kid in nursery school is kind of like winning a lottery.

And guess who came up smiling today! I don’t want to discount all the time and effort the Mrs put in to researching and filling out pounds of paperwork. She really worked hard, harder than should have been necessary.

But something else helped in adding just enough weight to tip the scales in our favor. Believe it or not, it was the Indiegogo campaign. See, my work situation still falls under what is considered part-time, and with the point system they use to determine who gets granted nursery school part-time is impossible. But, I had the documents for Indiegogo.  And proof that people were willing to spend money on my words. That proof got my writing officially counted as work and gave us the points we needed to make nursery school a possibility.

Really, if it weren’t for the Mrs legwork, it wouldn’t have happened. But also, if it weren’t for the tremendous support I received from the people who ordered books, it might not have happened. So, once again, thank you all.

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