Grumpy Bird Reviews: Creed

Sometimes trailers look perfect. That paint beautiful pictures of movies. But how often do those movies actually hold up? You know what, forget the fake out. Creed was awesome.


Director: Ryan Cooler

Screenplay: Ryan Cooler and Aaron Covington

Quick Review: Yes! To everything about this movie. Just, yes! And more. Family, and fatherhood, and wanting more and struggle. Those are a few of the things in this movie. And yes to all of them. Because every performance is awesome.

Analysis: Yes! Seriously, that is the best praise I can give this movie. It had me hooked from the first five minutes and I didn’t want to turn away. I loved that this was everything that was good about Rocky, but with a slight twist, and modernized, but still original and fresh. How on earth did they do that?

And the film itself was pretty. I don’t know enough about film making to give credit where it is due, but it I loved how things looked. The were long takes and quick cuts. Fight scenes that made you feel you were in the ring. Almost like a video game, and I mean that in a good way.

And holy crap did that film know how to hit the emotional beats. It had me misty eyed several times. That scene with Adonis and the bikers? Tears. Heck, I got emotional at the reaction shots of Phylicia Rashad during the final fight. Because she was great. I saw a mom, and it made me think of how my mom would react. Feelings.

Listen, can we just agree that Sylvester Stallone is great? I mean, he does a lot of camp, but he can also bring some serious game to the screen. Watch this and tell me he doesn’t impress you.

And Michael B. Jordan. Michael B. Jordan. I almost want to ask for him to be in everything. And with that physique, I can’t be the only one wanting him to be in a Marvel move. (And let’s forget about that sorta Marvel movie he was in.)

There was only one slight misstep for me in the movie. I liked the character of Bianca, but the problem of making a character a musician, and making a point of their talent. That music won’t be for everyone. They made me believe Creed was  talented boxer. I feel I was just told about Bianca being a great musician. It never crossed over. Still, Tessa Thompson delivered performance wise.

Wrap Up: As awesome as this movie was, and it was totally awesome, I still think “Where’s Wallace?” every time I see Michael B. Jordan. And then when Wood Harris shows up? Where’s Wallace, indeed.


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