A Short and Tipsy Update about work

One thing about Japan, is that there are drinking parties. There are places that make them mandatory and by all accounts they can get rather tiresome. And then there are other places that make them optional and just want the folk who join to relax and enjoy themselves. I have the good fortune to work at the later.

Which is how I spent the last 2 hours sipping down craft beers at an all you can drink bar. That was 90% non-smoking. If you know anything about Japan, you know I basically just caught the golden snitch in terms of drinking experiences. 

Since it was a work function, there was of course shop talk. The main thing that really gets me in the feels is that this head people want me, and the other staff, to be happy at work. They want us to feel appreciated. Part of this night was for us to, over drinks, be able to discuss what we are looking for in the long term.

I don’t want to get to hopeful. But out of my workplaces, this is the one that has put the most energy into maintaining morale and in making people feel valued.

If I write any more I might get a little testy eyed, as a lot of craft beer was consumed. But let it be said I feel valued at work, and that is a golden thing.

The bad news is that all the fun means that no novel progress was made today. But that’s okay. Time is built into the schedule for this type of thing; as long as I get to write tomorrow.

For those wondering, the best drinks of the night were stouts. Particularly an Imperial Latte Stout and something called an Eyelatch Stout, both brewed in Japan. Yum.

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