My Baby has an Upset Tummy

The title says it all. Earlier this week I caught a little of it myself. What I had was a stomach that felt really tight and sensitive to the touch. Add to that a touch of queasiness. Leo, being a baby, hasn’t been able to tell us his symptoms, but I know we add to it a decent amount of throwing up. And some pooping for good measure. Don’t worry, I’m not going into great details.

I will say that I am pretty tired. Tonight I was getting him ready for bed. We even had a little medicine to help with those symptoms. And we were in our rocking chair and he was getting extremely sleepy. We moved over to his little bed. I was in the middle of one last diaper change when he had another bout of baby vomit. Rika and I teamed up to clean up and change him. I tried to soothe him and start the process over. 

I’ll admit that I couldn’t get him calmed done. Lots of tears. Rika ended up taking over with Leo and I moved over to washing dishes.

And as bad as I feel for my little guy, there was a voice in my hide that just kept repeatin “and he was almost asleep.”

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