A Mexican, a Canadian and an American walk into a bar…

Living in Japan brings with it an interesting challenge. I am constantly meeting awesome people but unfortunately I am also frequently having to say goodbye to awesome people.

One of my solid friends is cashing in his Japan chips and returning to his home country. Honestly, it sounds like this will be a very good move for him and I am exceedingly happy for him.

But part of getting older also seems to make it a little harder to make close friends. Still some people just make it easy. I’ve known Graeme for three years but some how not also seems like I’ve known him forever. Plus he managed to connect to both of my main jobs.

What do you say when someone that great moves away?

Hope to see you soon.

Or, you can be like another friend Edgar, and make a video. Every couple of months the three of us go to a little bar and eat meat on sticks. Edgar, a decently well known Mexican vlogger, included it in a recent post. You can watch it here. The bar scene starts about 5:30 in.

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