11 Months Old

Tomorrow my son will be 11 months old. In just a few hours I will be the father of an 11 month old.

If you take even a moment you can find countless accounts of how tiring babies can be. And those are true. I like to think Leo is a fairly easy little guy with a great mood. And the Mrs. certainly does a lion’s share with him while I’m at work. But it would be lying to deny that he can be exhausting. One of the benefits of doing my camp job is the higher likelihood of an uninterrupted night’s sleep.

But, like I said, you can find acres of stories like that.

My little guy is a hair away from being 11 months old and already he can make me laugh so hard it hurts. The way he jumps and smiles. The way he plays. Him.

For example, he has enjoyed peekaboo for a while now. Recently he has even started the games himself. But he never actual covers his eyes or face. His little hand covers his ear or even the back of his head. Then he takes it away and says “bah”. And I react and he laughs and then I laugh. See, I think it isn’t just that he hasn’t connected that he is supposed to cover his eyes, but that he also wants to watch me and his mom play with him.

Goodness he is sweet.

Every morning when he sees me his face lights open into this wonderful open-mouthed smile. It just makes me want to scoop him up. After coffee, of course.

Playing with him is watching him discover and learn how to play. I get to help teach him how to have fun. The deeper meaning of that is too daunting to focus on now.

So one more little story. We have a little baby-fence. He likes to use it to help him stand. The other day is was sitting behind him as he was standing. I have no idea how it started, but he realized that if he let go he would fall safely into my lap. And so he did. Again and again with a big laugh each time. I’m cracking up. Rika is cracking up and so is Leo. We managed to get some video, but missed the peak hilarity.

Babies are tiring and draining and a lot of work.

But damn if they aren’t also a lot of fun.

Happy 11 months.

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