A Day at the Park

There was an info session at my son’s day care today. As far as I can tell it was just to meet other parents and maybe ask some questions to the staff. Not that I’m complaining. I would much rather be involved with a school that encourages asking questions.

After that the Mrs. and I, along with the boy of course, went to get some ramen before spending a day in the park. It was some glorious weather. Blue skies. Shining sun. Gentle breeze.

I think Leo had a good time. Just being on grass is still new to him and it was slightly spiky grass. But he got used to it and ended up just enjoying having a wide open space to play in. He ended up pushing his baby cart around a little, but since he just kind of crawls it didn’t get him that far.

Near the end another family who attends the same day care happened upon us and they turned out to be lovely people. So today was a day in the sun and making new friends. What more can you ask for?


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