Pizza, Beer and Nerdiness

After writing about blog followers and view counts yesterday, I thought I might as well get it all out of my system and write something about using Facebook today. Because I’ve tried a few different things, and maybe my experiences can prove useful. But the last several hours of today have been abut pizza, beer and Nerdiness (hence the title of this post).

The importance of all three of those topics in my life all somewhat hinge around living in Japan. Now, Japan has all three of those things. In fact it has them all in abundance. Perhaps over abundance. But although there are some superficial similarities between the Japanese versions and what I think of as the home-style version, the differences are drastic. For example, Japanese pizza even when it isn’t covered in mayonnaise, corn and a soft-boiled egg can make due, but it isn’t going to fulfill.

That the last several hours have centered around deep dish pizza, craft beer, talk of American comics, and for dessert: planning for a table top RPG group. That, my friends, is a cause for celebration.

Unfortunately the beer and pizza are teaming up to promote sleepiness. So good night for now, and may life grant you natural 20s.

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