For the past several weeks my friend Lydia and I have been working on a Starman podcast. Yesterday we released our fifth episode and recorded our sixth.

I’m really enjoying working on this show. Not only am I a huge fan on the material we are discussing, but I’m also a fan of Lydia. She is a lot of fun. If you listen to the show you’ll hear me laughing a lot and that is because she cracks me up.

Like many podcasts I think we are improving with each episode as we adjust our format and grow comfortable with our analysis and banter. I think each show is growing in quality.

With that in mind, yesterday I reached out on Twitter and tagged three of the creators of Starman, James Robinson, Tony Harris and Wade Von Graebadger with an announcement of our fifth episode. 

Yes, this was partly attention seeking. We are putting out a show that I hope can get a few more (or a lot more) listeners. 

What I did not expect was Tony Harris to not only like the tweet but to upload a picture of what seems to be his downloading the show.

Of course the first emotion was “Awesome!” This was followed quickly by “Tony Harris is going to think I’m an idiot fanboy.” because fear is a quick acting emotion.

And then the third reaction hit. Tony Harris took some of his time to shed a little light on a fan. That’s really cool and very much appreciated.

So, I just want to thank him for sharing mine and Lydia’s. That was very nice. Thank you, Tony.

Now I’m off to have farfetched daydreams of future interviews.

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