First Words

The other day when Rika came home she was excited. During the bus ride Leo, our son, spoke his first words.

Leo likes riding the bus. There is the movement, the energy. Usually a few old ladies take an interest in him. People come on, people say goodbye. All that is just too much fun and Leo wanted to join in. So he spoke.

Now Rika and I have been wondering if his first words would be in English or Japanese. When we are being serious about it we admit that Japanese is far more likely. After all, I’m his only regular source for English and I still to his mom in Japanese.

But Leo came up with a solution. His first words work in both languages. Makes me wonder if that meant he heard these words more making them easier to use. 

But spoke.

And what made it even nicer was that this happened just as my mother was coming for a visit so she actual got to hear him while he is at this early age of speaking. In fact one of the last things said to her from is before she went to catch her flight back was from Leo. Something about that struck me and I’ll admit to having a few tears in my eyes.

So what did Leo say? The same thing I’ll say to finish off this post.


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