Walk and Talk (1)

My little guy is getting so big. Already one of his favorite activities is just to walk around. He’s got these little wobbly legs that he just can’t wait to use.

Before dinner the three of us, me, the munchkin and the Mrs. took a loop around the block. What we thought would be a little ten minute journey turned into an hour of him exploring the neighborhood.

Every sign, every plant was something new to explore. He just needs to go check it out and give it a little pat. When this is just a tree or plant, it’s pretty cute. But he also wants to pick up flecks of trash and cigarette butts that dot the city sidewalks.

So we’d walk holding his handsthrough  the streets of Tokyo. He didn’t want to stop, just keep walking through the night. Especially when we passed a bright sign. Those were most impressive.

Eventually the Mrs. and I were able to make a game out of it. One of us would walk ahead and give him a target. He would see is sitting in front with arms outstretched and would hurry his little legs into the open arms while giggling at the fun. We’d take turns running ahead and watching the little guy approach.

Another upside of this was that we were able to get a few nice walking pictures.

It was only about a month before when he took his first steps. Now he is a regular little stroller. With help of course.

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