Grumpy Bird Reviews: Luke Cage s01e01 Moment of Truth

A new Marvel Netflix series means a new review from me! The same as I have done for the other series, I’m going to try and review every episode. Hopefully this will be done in a timely fashion, but we’ll see.

tumblr_oece3zgsba1r8iw09o1_r1_1280Luke Cage s01e01 Moment of Truth

writer: Cheo Hodari Coker

director: Paul McGuigan


Quick Review:

A very appealing first episode. Stylistic, as we’ve come to expect from Netflix and Marvel, but with a nice amount of substance. Luke Cage is still a bit of a cypher but does seem to be a man with a code. This looks to be another series where flashbacks will play an important part of establishing our main hero. I’m not sure if I like that as consistent across the Marvel shows, or if I’m ready for a change. Still a strong outing and I am curious how the various players and the excellent cast will shape up.

Spoilers Lurk Below


Just looking at this episode the main thing I’d want to compliment is the cast. Michael Colter is perfectly straddling the line of distant and approachable that makes his Luke Cage feel quite powerful.

Mahershala Ali just dripped with menace when turned looks and looks to be a fantastic opposing figure. Alfre Woodard, while not really turned loose in this episode, is an outstanding performer and it really looks like there will be meat for her to enjoy as this series continues.

Theo Rossi is someone who I really enjoyed on Sons of Anarchy, but didn’t feel used right in this episode. The threat he was supposed to be emanating was just lacking. Maybe that is due to being called “Shades”or just not really having anything to do in this episode.

As for Simone Missick, she was good. I have to admit that someone I missed that she is Misty Knight. I liked the reveal of her real profession and thought she played that excellently but the attempt to hide her encounter with Cage did make me worried about the direction that storyline might take. Call me old fashioned, but if she wasn’t supposed to sleep with Cage while undercover and is good police, she shouldn’t have. If it’s cool, why is she hiding it? Either answer doesn’t satisfy.

Wrap Up:

All in all, this was a good and intriguing first episode. Like each first episode of these shows has been. But, as i’ve reviewed in the past, it is what happens next that matters. As much as I loved the start of Daredevil season 2 and Jessica Jones, as a season neither of them hit the mark and both somewhat fell apart. I want this to be a good show and want to enjoy the entire season, but am a little gun shy.

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