Adventures in Apple Buying

Feel ever so slightly like an accidental jerk.

I need to buy apples for work so I stop off at a nearby 7/11. It’s one of those slightly fancy ones that sell fruit.
They have two baskets of red apples. Fuji apples for 150 yen and a type I’m unfamiliar with for 100 yen. Their size is similar enough so I go for the cheaper basket.

At the register the clerk rings charges 150 apiece. I say “excuse me I got these from the 100 yen basket.” I don’t know how the kanji are read together, but I’m pretty sure it starts with “Ou” and would mean something like King’s woods.”

The clerk nods but says “Let me do check.” She looks at the baskets, mentions it to her coworker and then comes back. She says “Okay.”

I pay my 500 yen. She puts the five apples in a bag and gives me the receipt. Just then the other clerk comes over and says “actually those are the 150 apples.”

I’m of the opinion that the apples are sold. They are now my apples. Also, I know I took the apples from the cheaper basket expecting them to be different apples due to how the store labeled their baskets.

I do my best to be polite, promise, and point this out. The clerk says they will refund the sale and them charge me the regular price.

I ask for the manager.

She says they’ll refund the price.

I counter with “Follow me to the baskets. Look at them two different baskets clearly labeled with two different prices. I just want the apples I already bought for the price I already paid, which is also the price labeled.

She stares at me and says it was a mistake by the store and starts moving all the apples to the 150 basket while saying the cheaper apples aren’t here yet.

I again ask for the manager. This time she goes and brings the manager. I’m doing my best to be polite, not elevate my voice, while just wondering if this is worth it for 250yen, about $2.50.

The manager comes out. I explain about the two baskets. About choosing the cheaper apples, about buying the apples. I show my receipt and say I just want the apples for the price that was shown when I entered the store and picked them up.

The manager says no problem. I get my apples and leave.

But then I turn to the internet. Turns out that the the apples listed at 100 yen are a type called Ourin 王林. And all the pictures the internet offers are of green apples.

So, yes, I feel like a bit of an ignorant jerk. Admittedly, I didn’t get mean or shout, even if I was stubborn. I also remind myself that I didn’t stock the baskets and that the entire time I acted in good faith.

And, I learned a new word.

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