My Boy’s Hat

img_2284It’s winter time ad the air around us is getting pretty chilly. Sometimes it is even downright cold.

Like many parents I face the daily struggle of trying to keep my boy warm. Sometimes he lets this be an easy task. He cooperates when I go to put on his socks and jacket. Most of the time. Maybe not as much as when his mommy tries to put on his clothes, but I get the job done.

Usually that is how things fall. Daddy can get the job done, but it is mommy that really keeps his world moving. She is who he needs for comfort or who he wants when he gets too sleepy and crosses over into fussy.

I’ll admit to being okay with this for the most part. While I do want the kid to come to me with whatever needs he has, his only settling for mommy does mean that, at times, I can get a few extra minutes of rest. I still try, of course, but when he insists it is time for the baton to be passed to mommy, we both just go with it. (Realizing that I should use more of those moments to wash dishes or something.)

There are rare moments when he needs daddy. This is where we go back to the cold and trying to keep this little guy warm. Part of keeping him warm means trying to get a hat on his head. It’s a struggle. He is only 19months old and so he doesn’t see the connection between a hat and his head and ears not being cold. His mom tries and when she does manage to get him to wear it, he just rips the hat right off.

This is where I get to feel like a king. Because he let’s me put on his hat. I hold up the hat and he smiles. I say hat and he pats his head and laughs. And then he lets me slip it on his head and down around his ears. I think he lets me do this because I commonly wear a similar hat during winter. To me that means he wants to be like his daddy. And that feeling means the world.

It isn’t a contest between Daddy and Mommy. If it were, I would be losing. Badly. But every now and then I have my small victories.

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3 thoughts on “My Boy’s Hat

  1. Awwwww… this is so sweet, I believe he turns to mommy for comfort when he is fussy because when laying on her or cuddling with her arms he will be able to listen to her heartbeat and that brings him comfort. That’s my opinion, my kids did the same thing, and that what I told their dad.

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