What do you do on January 2nd? You could spend much needed time working on editing your second novel. But, if your son is being watched by your mother, your wife is available and the weather is hot enough to be comfortable in a t-shirt you go canoeing.

Rika and I piled into our little oar powered boat and spent the morning cruising around the Little Ogeechee River. That name is too great not to include.

Our interests don’t always line up. It is difficult for the two of us to decide on a river. But we both have a love for the outdoors and salt spray and open sky is something we don’t get to immerse ourselves in since we live in the Tokyo sprawl.

We paddled around for several hours, exploring little swamp grass alleyways. And then we returned, had a quick lunch and then it was off to the beach. This time with baby and Mima (grandmother Thomas) in tow.

While the weather was perfect for morning canoeing, it was far to chilly for afternoon swimming. Still, it was great just to walk on the sand and smell the ocean.

I only have one more week of America and then it is back to Japan. Feeling that pressure to make each day count.

I’ll do my best.


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