I’m getting ready for bed. Tomorrow is the last full day we have in America before flying back to Japan. Obviously it brings out some complicated feelings.

There is some desire to get back to our normal rhythms and sights. For me, it is much easier to actually move around and exercise in Tokyo. I’m doing my best to not go crazy but will certainly leave the states puffier than I arrived. The rest of January will have to be dedicated to getting back to where I was.

But leaving is always hard and I just keeps getting harder. Not knowing when my son and his grandparents will be able to play together adds another layer of sadness to the idea of saying goodbye.

But I don’t want to focus on that. Not yet.

Instead I want to spend a few lines talking about the backyard my parents’ house. A crazy mix of little paths and statues. Of twists and turns and Christmas lights. There are link flamingoes across from stone monks. And currently there is also a six foot inflatable light-up lion.

It is an odd, eccentric, beautiful place. I wish I had a better camera to capture it at night. My folks have worked hard to make it the perfect place for lounging, working, or talking. It’s been a little more difficult this year but it is alsways great just to sit out in the backyard and just enjoy.

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