500th Post

I started this blog 5 years ago partly as a means to keep from being bored at work. I would type out a few stories while putting on a serious face. My hope was that no one on the office would figure out I was writing tales of fantasy and sci-fi. No one ever did.

I left that job a year later and barely touched this site. The second year of its existence it only got 12 posts. Why would it? I was busy at grad school and thinking of going into serious academics.

But I missed my dragons. I missed the stars. I missed creation.

I started writing again and knew that is part of who I wanted to be.

And so I write. I write little tales, I write about my family. I write reviews. I write about the world as I see it.

Sometimes I even get read. Thank you for that. Anyone reading this now: thank you. I hope to keep growing and to keep this site active.

Thank you for reading.

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