Quiet Sunday

Just like the title of this post suggests, today was a fairly quiet day. I played with my son, edited my sequel, ate lunch with the Mrs. Really just a low key kind of day. The most shocking part of it was when my sweet little parrot bit my nose just hard enough to make my eyes water.

I purposely tried to keep the last half of the day pretty loose. The hope is that I’ll be relaxed enough to drift off to sleep earlier than normal. Because of a schedule change tomorrow I start my real life job an hour earlier than normal. Waking up an hour earlier can make me a bit of a growly bear in the morning but I’m hoping a bit of a shift in sleeping will minimize that. Either way, I’ll need to be good and happy by the time I meet up with my students. Don’t want to take my dislike of earlier mornings out on them.

To completely change subjects, I’m making headway with my edits. But even though I know it is making the book better and that it is a necessary part of the process, editing still feels a little like eating my own soul. More on that later.


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