Feeding my Son

My son eats. A lot. He is a few months shy of being two, but he eats the same as some adults I know. Since he is still limited in his ability to eat certain foods, it sometimes means making two separate meals at dinner time.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m about to talk a little about cooking a meal for my child. I hope other parents don’t take this as an attack on opinions different from mine. I’ll admit that I don’t want to give my toddler candy, processed foods, or ready-made meals. If another parent is doing so, I don’t want to challenge that or call their choices into question. But I do want to share my experiences.

For example, my wife and are both fans of home-cooked meals. We like simple fare that uses a variety of vegetables. I’ll admit that I tend to bow to my wife’s opinion, after all she is a veteran nurse who has studied aspects of both babies and nutrition. She just has a better grasp of that knowledge than I do.

I’ll also admit that she does more of the cooking for our little guy. Part of that is her knowledge, part of that is our schedules. And, yes, part of it is worry that I’ll screw it up if I do the little man’s cooking.

But now as he is getting older and can eat more things I feel more comfortable making his meals. Last night, I boiled some chicken breast and chopped it into tiny pieces. Accompanying that was a mixture of boiled carrots and goya. All of this was served over rice with just a dash of soy sauce for flavoring.

Leo ate a good amount of that, and I got his little “yummy” and “mmm, good” as thanks. It’s such a simple thing but having my son enjoy a meal I made really does warm the heart.

Hopefully that feeling will keep. For years.

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