Play Date

Yesterday I went with Leo on our first Papa play date. Me and my little guy and a friend and his daughter and son all went to a rather huge park.

It was great seeing my little guy at play with kids close to his own age. He was really taken with with my friend’s daughter. She is first grade in elementary and a big sister, so she has had some practice looking after little ones.

She did a great job playing with my little guy and watching over them as the went into some of the kid areas, such as the big bouncy thing that us bug adults aren’t supposed to play on.

By the end of the day Leo was copying her and practically following her around. And after we said our goodbyes even went a little bit into pout mode because he wanted to keep playing with his new friends. It was really quite sweet.

It was also sweet when after about ten minutes of picking him so we could catch our train he passed out with his cheek pressed to mine.

I really do love this darling little boy.


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